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How many times have we felt that we’ve reached a dead-end? I remember working at a well paying job and thinking “what’s next?” I’ve gotten promoted, I earned the respect of my managers and colleagues, but I personally felt that I was underachieving. You may be asking, ‘why would I feel such a way?’ To put it simply, things got too easy and difficult at the same time. 

I learned the jargon, the ins and outs of our system and familiarized myself with the scripts and was mindlessly going about my day. That was the easy part and I felt that I’ve touched the ceiling. Now, what made things difficult was my time was very limited and I felt as if the walls were caving in. I was interested and more than willing to pick up new skills, learn new program languages and finish school, but my job was in the way. 

I re-applied to take some classes at the local community college with hopes of finishing what I started and felt good doing so. I recall happily breaking the news to my manager only to discover it was either work or school. I couldn’t work anything less than 40 hours and my school schedule was very demanding as well. 

After carefully weighing my options, I apprehensively chose school. The future was murky and the uncertainties were too stressful to consider. I turned to faith to drive me through a brick wall of doubts. I knew the money I grew accustomed to enjoying would cease, but that was a sacrifice I was will to make. Especially if the end goal meant finishing school.

A small key to my turning point was a book that my uncle had laying around his room. I remember thumbing through it and gaining some precious insight as to how time should be valued above money. This was years prior to facing a fork in the road. It all came back to me. When I understood that, along with other very critical insight and wisdom, ditching a job to equip myself with more knowledge to offer more value appeared to be a no-brainer.

get it today!

Grab this book today. If not for yourself, leave it laying around for a curious nephew. It may drastically alter their perception and course of direction for the good.

When I mentioned that I turned to faith, I turned to a very important book. The Bible, to be specific. 

Reading it was not motivated by financial gain. Instead, I had a goal of developing a stronger trust in God and clearer direction to help me manage the life He’s given me and everything else He supplied.

You can get the Bible at your local Dollar Tree for $1, but if you are interested in the leather cover or looking to support this site in any way, you may do so by accessing the link provided.

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