I Love Reading, But…

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I love to read. Seriously, I do. However, we may not get to do the things we enjoy because, well, there’s actually a “but” in the way. 

If you are like me, you try to run a tight shift. I’m a husband, father of three beautiful, energetic little ones and I run my own businesses, so staying on schedule is hugely important.

When it comes to things I enjoy greatly such as working out, I’m sorry but I refuse to skip days. I’ll try to fit it into my schedule somehow.

Luckily, I can confidently state the same about my reading. The Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan has moved the “but” out of the way and replaced it with a book. Whenever my schedule seems a bit hectic and demanding, I’m still able to read on-the-go with the Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan. 

My books are readily accessible on all of my devices and with the help of some cool noise canceling headphones, I can zone in to my favorite titles.

Do yourself a favor and try it out for a month. 

Noise Canceling Headphones